Under 5’s Implementation group

The London and South East Collaborative runs Under 5’s implementation groups that are a platform for the partnerships to share information and learning, as well as problem solving challenges in implementing CYP IAPT principles.

This page will be updated with outputs from that group as well as resources that have may be useful for professionals working with Under 5’s. If you have any resources or information to add, or would like to join the distribution list for this group please get in touch.

The last Under 5’s group was held on the 18th of October. Children are frequently referred to 0-5s services who have witnessed family violence. Often the presenting issue is the child’s behaviour or relationship to their caregivers and it can be challenging for professionals working with them to understand and address the trauma they are suffering. Speakers included Amanda Jones, Consultant Perinatal Psychotherapist, and Martha Neil from the Great Ormond National Parenting and Child Service.

The next Under 5s implementation group is TBC

15th March 2017 meeting

Slides, presentations and resources from the day

Under 5s Meeting notes March 2017

Under 5s Meeting slides March 2017

Under 5s CYP IAPT Training Toolbox of outcome measures

A note about ‘recommended measures’: Other London and South East Collaborative implementation groups have produced a clinician recommended measures document in response to requests for guidance around selection feedback and outcome tools, and there has been similar requests from under 5s services. The Under 5s implementation group felt that the diversity of services and their interventions may make such a document overly complex and that a different approach may be more helpful.

We have produced a collaborative spreadsheet that collates information about various measures that could be used with this group. Services can use a logic model (such as this one produced by the Evidence Based Practice Unit) to clarify the aim of specific interventions, and then refer to the spreadsheet (particularly the domain column) for measures that might be relevant. We have populated much of this spreadsheet but need collaborative members to contribute to make it as useful as possible.

The Collaborative Under 5s measures information spreadsheet (A work in progress…)

Access and contribute to the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oKqAeDQwE02fGZck6nesMg-amh4Bh4u4q9Yzc3Upw5o/edit?usp=sharing 

  • Collation of information about 53 different measures that might be considered by Under 5s services
  • Information gathered from:
    • London and South East CYP IAPT Under 5s implementation group clinicians
    • corc.uk.net (for CYP IAPT dataset inclusion and cost),
    • National Clinical Content Repository (for Licensing information),
    • MHSDS User Guidance v2.0 ( for MHSDS inclusion),
    • Robin Balbernie ‘Assessment and evaluation for early intervention services’ document (quotes from this in blue),
    • Michelle Sleed ‘Assessing the parent-infant relationship: A review of measures and methods‘ (quotes from this in green),
    • Individual product websites for training and cost

29th September 2016 meeting

Slides and presentations from the day

Under 5’s Meeting slides 29.09.16

29th September meeting notes

Unders 5’s national curriculum

Here are some useful links from each of the agenda items:

CYP IAPT Training

Early Intervention Foundation review Summary

Transformation in perinatal services

Recommended measures

Previous meetings

September 2015 – The under 5’s implementation group led on from some national work trying to identify usable outcomes tools for this age group – the London and South East CYP IAPT Collaborative implementation group work built on this and made great progress towards collating a list of useful tools and ways of working – all work in progress at this stage but the next group will hope to turn these from its and ideas into a consensus agreement

Previous meetings and resources:

Notes from Under 5’s meeting March 2015

Parenting assessment tool

Please get in touch if you would like to be added to the Under 5’s distribution list and receive updates.