The Outreach Programme

PLEASE NOTE: This page is no longer updated and information may be out of date

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Partnerships can access outreach support from the collaborative project team to facilitate the implementation, embedding and sustainability of CYP-IAPT principles and practice.


Outreach support falls under 4 categories:

outreach programme summary


Transformation Planning Tools

We’re assembling a range of tools to aid developing transformation plans:

Tips on transformation planning generated during the Learning Collaborative programme board meeting on 22nd June 2015.  CAMHS Transformation – Tips on transformation planning (22.06.15)

An economic investigation by the Centre for Mental Health into the cost effectiveness and benefits of various interventions and treatments. The Centre for Mental Health’s Investing in Children’s Mental Health: A review of evidence on the costs and benefits of increased service provision

Associate Development Solutions and East Midlands Strategic Clinical Network have developed a tool to self-assess provision against the Future in Mind proposals User Guide – Future in Mind Self Assessment Tool V2.1 and Future in Mind Self-Assessment Tool

The London Strategic Clinical Network for Children and Young People held an event on 16th June 2015 on CAMHS Transformation.  The presentations from the event are here.