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Children and Young Peoples Crisis Toolkit

A toolkit for practitioners, service providers and commissioners which contains resources, information and guidance for transforming crisis care for CYP.

Click here to access: East of England CYP Crisis Toolkit

“The East of England Clinical Network is pleased to present the Mental Health Crisis Care Toolkit for those developing and providing Urgent and Emergency care and support for Children and Young People experiencing a mental health crisis in the East of England region. The aim of this toolkit is to offer a range of resources, information and guidance that can be used in transforming local crisis services for children and young people across the East of England region.

This toolkit … is intended to be an electronic resource. It contains a summary of more in-depth reports undertaken in the region with key stakeholders, which can be accessed via hyperlinks in the document, as well as a selection of tools and resources. Should you wish to obtain Word versions of the appendices, please email for a copy.

We hope that the toolkit provides a useful resource in the development and transformation of services for children and young people in the region and offers a guide to help ensure vulnerable children and young people receive the best care at the right time.”

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