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Recruit to Train 2020 – Information for Applicants

We are pleased to confirm that funding has been approved for Recruit to Train posts across London and the South East for new staff to undertake training on the 2 Year Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) in CYP IAPT Therapy starting January 2020 in the following modalities:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) delivered at KCL
  • Systemic Family Practice (SFP) delivered at KCL
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents (IPT-A) delivered at UCL
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disabilities (ASD/LD) delivered at UCL
  • Infant Mental Health (0-5s) delivered at UCL

Alongside completing the postgraduate training, the staff recruited into these posts will:

  • Increase capacity in services by increasing the workforce
  • Further embed evidence-based practice
  • Have a role as change agents to accelerate transformation in services through use of feedback and outcomes tools and collaborative practice and participation with children, young people and families.

Prospective students will need to make a dual application in order to be considered for these training posts. This means you will have to apply for both a place on the course with either UCL or KCL (depending on the chosen modality) and for one of the corresponding jobs with one of the Trusts/organisations who will be advertising for these training posts. The job and the course go hand-in-hand, and the process of applying for a job and a place on the course happen concurrently. In order to secure a place on the course, prospective students will need to successfully obtain one of these jobs.

To clarify, in order to be successful in recruitment, the respective module leader would need to approve you as suitable for the course based on your application submitted to the University and the service would also have to select you for the corresponding job via their (separate) application process.

If successful, for the duration of the 2 years (from January 2020 onward) you will be working in a Mental Health service for 2.5 days per week while also attending University (at KCL or UCL) completing the PG Dip in CYP IAPT Therapy. 

The university application portals at UCL and KCL are now open and you may begin submitting your application for the PG Dip in CYP IAPT Therapy. Please note that the portals will be open until the first week of December 2019 and you will need to have submitted your application by then AND have applied for the job in order to be considered.

We will be updating this page regularly with the names of services advertising for these training posts as and when their adverts become available.

You will need to make a dual application as follows:

1 Apply for the Recruit to Train role with the Recruiter (application links will be made available once they go live – you will find this link in the column Job Advert LINK as and when these become available). Please check this page regularly AND look up for job adverts on the NHS website or Google the following key words: CYP IAPT, Recruit to Train as sometimes there is a delay in getting the links from recruiting services.

2 Apply for the 2 year Postgraduate Diploma in CYP IAPT with the university delivering the modality you are interested in.  

PLEASE NOTE that the roles advertised by each recruiter are likely to differ in terms of hours/salary

Apply for Job

Modality University Application Link Recruiter Job Advert LINK
PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) KCL Application Link HERE Bromley CAMHS Apply for Job
Addaction Apply for Job
Metanoia Institute Apply for Job
Centre 33 Apply for Job
City & Hackney CAMHS Apply for Job
Hounslow CAMHS Apply for Job
Croydon CAMHS Apply for Job
PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Systemic Family Practice for Conduct Disorders and Depression (SFP) KCL Application Link HERE Metanoia Institute Apply for Job
City & Hackney CAMHS Apply for Job
Coram Apply for Job
Sussex Partnership Hastings CAMHS Apply for Job
PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents (IPT-A) UCL Application Link HERE Centre 33 Apply for Job
Southwark CAMHS Apply for Job
PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities  (ASD /LD) UCL Application Link HERE
Bromley CAMHS
Apply for Job
Croydon CAMHS Apply for Job
Southwark CAMHS Apply for Job
Homerton CAMHS Apply for Job
PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Infant Mental Health (0-5s) UCL Application Link HERE Croydon Drop In Apply for Job
Whittington Health NHS Trust Apply for Job
NSFT Norwich Apply for Job

If you have any questions you may contact for further information.


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Young Advisors’ views on Routine Outcome Measures


Of all the topics that the CYP IAPT Young Advisors have offered training on over the years, one of the most frequently requested is young people’s perspective on using routine outcome measures. In a video written and produced by the Young Advisors, they address some of the common concerns expressed to them by clinicians, present a young person’s perspective on outcome measures, and give some tips on how best to introduce them in practice.

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Young Peoples’ Summer PIE 2017

Written by: Karima Abdou, Young Advisor

Following the success of last year’s Summer PIE (Participation Involvement Event), young people and participation workers from across the London and South East Learning Collaborative gathered once again to join the CYP IAPT young advisors on the 25th August 2017.

Passionate about participation in CAMHS, the event provided an opportunity for attendees to get talking and discuss the improvements they would like to see made to participation, as well as tips and tricks they find work well. The day was also a perfect opportunity for young people to network with others with similar experiences to their own, and gain insight into how to get more involved for those new to services.

The agenda for the day started off with an introduction and icebreaker, to get people acquainted and talking to others from outside their service. This was followed by a Participation Open Mic, allowing people the opportunity to share the work they have been doing throughout the year with their participation groups and celebrate the achievements of others. There was also a Q&A session with the young advisors answering any questions that arose after the initial introductions.

In the breaks, attendees had the opportunity to play on the SmartGym Cardio Wall and FitLights equipment. As always competition got heated with everyone battling it out for the ever-increasing high score!

The day also included a talk on teaching participation by David Trickey a Clinical Course Tutor and the young advisors, opening up interesting discussions at each table about what makes a good participation worker and advice the young people would give to those on the course, eager to improve.

After everyone had a chance to grab something to eat at lunch the conversation took a techy turn, with a mini Hackathon workshop where attendees came up with tech solutions to the troubles their partners faced when waking up in the morning. This gave everyone a taste of the Hackathons where young people can come along and pitch their app ideas, with the opportunity to get it developed by a team of coders.

The day came to a close with an Involvement Open Mic, giving organisations the opportunity to showcase the work they do and advertise the opportunities they provide to the young people attending. Those speaking were Nick Morgan from the AFNCCF Young Champions, a representative from the King’s College Research Advisory Group as well as a speaker from Time to Change. The day then ended with some group feedback and discussions on how the Summer PIE 2 could have been improved and pointers to keep in mind for next year.

The CYP IAPT young advisors would like to send out a massive thank you to all of those who attended the Summer PIE 2 and made the day a wonderful success. It was brilliant seeing both familiar and new faces, and having the opportunity to celebrate amazing participation work.

For those wishing to stay in touch with the young advisors, you can email them at or follow their adventures on Twitter @cypiaptyadvisor.



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So what?”: Attitudes towards measuring outcomes in child and adolescent mental health services seminar

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Future CAMHS Animation

Icon - Participation

We asked young people to tell us what mental health services for children, young people and families will be like in the future.