This newsletter is all about sharing learning from the Sussex DWDW Community of Practice that runs events every two months to support our shared efforts to transform support for children & young people’s mental health across Sussex.


1. What is the Community of Practice?

The Community of Practice is about supporting our work on five key priorities for children & young people’s mental health:

  1. Accountability
  2. Awareness
  3. Accessibility
  4. Participation
  5. Evidence-based practice

For further details on engaging with these priorities see section (2) below “What is Delivering With, Delivering Well”.

To hear more about our hopes for the Sussex Community of Practice click here.

Feedback on our 5th Community of Practice Event: Supervision & Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice (scroll down to the bottom of this page to access the slides from this session)

Satisfaction with event Percentage (frequency)
High* (>28) 88%
Moderate* (>20) 12%
Low* (≤20) 0


2. What is Delivering With, Delivering Well?

Dr Emma Silver, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Lead clinician of The Brandon Centre & Alex Goforth, Programme Lead, London & South East Children & Young People’s IAPT Collaborative, set out key priorities for children & young people’s mental health at our inaugural Community of Practice event. Their presentations can be viewed at:


3. What is Participation?Ladder of Participation

Participation is building resilient services through collaboration. To learn more, watch these videos from our second Community of Practice Event:

Local Participation Showcase


4. Training

(a) E-learning is available for all staff on children & young people’s mental health through MindEd. It includes high quality training modules in all aspects of participation.

MindEd has e-learning applicable across the health, social care, education, criminal justice and community settings. It is aimed at anyone from beginner through to specialist.  If you want support around engaging or structuring staff use of MindEd, we can use time at future Community of Practice events to explore the options.

(b) CYP IAPT Training

Please see links below from our first event for details on the specialised training offered by CYP IAPT & the expectations on services for supporting trainees.

Click here to apply for courses, get details on deadlines for applications and how to join CYP IAPT collaborative.

To find out what it is like doing a CYP IAPT course from a manager’s, trainee & supervisors perspective, check these links from our first event


5. Books on Prescription

Reading well - shelf helpAt our first event we included a section about Books on Prescription for children, young people & families to support our work on increasing awareness of mental health issues and to spread evidence based information.  Details on recommended books for young people available here.

If you work with younger children please contact Warren Matosfky for details of recommended books for younger children & parents.

To find out effective ways of using Books On Prescription in your service check out the videos from our first event:


6. Mental Health in Schools & Colleges

The Community of Practice: Mental Health in Schools & Colleges covered key areas of planning, practice, training & multi-agency working. The topics covered included:


7. Supervision & Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice

This Community of practice explored the role of supervision in transforming services and supporting staff wellbeing. The agenda was developed through consultation with all commissioned services and focused on: the key tasks of supervision, the qualities & skills of a supervisor, the different types of supervision, service culture and supervision, inter-agency consultation & supervision, group supervision, shared decision making in supervision and evaluation.

MindEd Training on Supervision and Outcome Measurement:

  1. Using Outcomes and Process Measures in Supervision
  2. Supervision Practice

Please e-mail Helen Toone if you wish to join the Community of Practice mailing list.

Best Wishes,

Sussex Delivering With Delivering Well Programme Board.