Systemic Family Practice (SFP) for Depression and Self-Harm and Conduct Disorders training application information (UCL applicants)

You have arrived on this page because you have submitted an expression of interest for Systemic Family Practice (SFP) for Depression and Self-Harm and Conduct Disorders  training.

If you have been given this link from someone else, please click this link and express your interest on the postgraduate training courses page first – this is important for us to keep you update with any developments and make sure you are applying to the correct university

Below you can find applications documents (applications guidance and checklist) and more information about the course

To apply for CYP IAPT training, you will need to complete both a course application form and a checklist

How to Apply

To apply for the course you must:

  1. Discuss training practicalities and course checklist with your manager.(you can find the checklist below) Your service will need to commit to a list of requirements in order for you to start the course (e.g. arrangement of an appropriate supervisor and caseload). You can find a frequently asked questions document below for any queries you are unsure about. If your manager agrees to you applying for the course,
  2. Read and follow the applications guidance (you can find application guidance document below) – this will tell you how to apply for the course including the information that you must include in your personal statement
  3. Submit your checklist so we know that you have everything in place in order to start and complete the course
  4. Attend an interview with the university to check your suitability for training
  5. Accept or decline any offers you receive so we know wether you intend to take your offered place. If you were not offered a place but are interested in other training opportunities, please contact us

Applications Documents

Applications guidance (mandatory)

You must apply to the course via the UCL portal. The document below tells you how to go about applying for the course

UCL Applications Guidance – CYP IAPT Therapy (SFP route)


Checklist (mandatory)

A list of requirements that your service will need to agree to provide before you can be accepted onto the course



For your information


For frequently asked questions about CYP IAPT training – check here first if you have a question.


If you don’t see an answer to your question, please contact:

CYP IAPT progrmamme team for service related issues-  or

Jilly Bolding for course specific enquiries –


Salary support information

The salary support arrangements will be the same as last year. Details can be found through this link:

Salary support information:



Course brochure

For information about the course.

Systemic Family Practice brochure 2017


Interview Dates

Monday 17 July am

Tuesday 18 July – all day

Tuesday 12 September – all day