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In order to meet the target of training 1,700 new staff and offering evidenced based interventions to 70,000 more children and young people annually by 2020, NHSE are funding services to work with the Learning Collaborative to create new therapist roles into which candidates suitable to undertake CYP IAPT therapy training (beginning in January 2019) are recruited (Recruit to Train).

We are offering Providers and Commissioning bodies in partnerships within the London and South East Collaborative the opportunity to create new capacity and capability within their services for delivering evidence-based interventions.

Applications must be made by Providers/Partnerships by completing the form at the end of this document.


The Recruit to Train posts will:

  • Increase capacity in services by increasing the workforce, and in doing so support local CCGs to meet NHSE access targets
  • Further embed evidence-based practice
  • Have a role as change agents to accelerate transformation in services through use of feedback and outcomes tools and collaborative practice and participation with children, young people and families.

We are working closely with NHSE and HEE to develop the workforce across children and young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health services and ensure sustainability for these new roles beyond the life of the training.

Training Offer

The new staff will undertake a 2 year part-time CYP IAPT therapy training starting January 2019.  The Learning Collaborative has rolled out a survey with Providers and Commissioners gauging their interest in the modality trainings and as such, if financially viable, we will be offering trainings in the following modalities:

PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy at UCL

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities (ASD/LD)
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents (IPT-A)
  • Infant Mental Health (0-5s)

 PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy at KCL

  • Parent Training (PT)
  • Systemic Family Practice for Conduct Disorders and Depression (SFP CDD)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Given expected demand for places and the allocated funding for a total of 52 Recruit to Train places, if your bid is successful we may not be able to accommodate your preferred modality, but we will advise an alternate training place depending on availability.

Specific information on the content and modules, as well as course and caseload requirements for each training programme can be found here. (Please note, this information is from 2017, and is subject to some degree of change.  Links to updated course information will be sent to those making an application via the form at the end of this document.)


NHSE has made funding available for 52 training places across the Collaborative:

PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy (2-year programme)   Costs covered by funding Funding available per year per trainee Total funding for 2 years





Salary Support 15,000 30,000
Salary support on costs 3,750 7,500
*London weighting (if applicable, % dependent on area) 2,250 4,500
Total training funding 21,000 42,000

Maximum value

Funding for salary support will be available to providers and CCGs and will come with on-costs (at 25%) and higher cost area weighting (where applicable) as detailed in the table above.

Posts for PG Diploma (which runs over 2 years) will receive salary support from HEE for 0.5 WTE for 2 years in line with the banding of the posts created. It will be up to the providers and local CCGs to determine at which grade (up to mid-point of band 6) increased capacity would be most effective and sustainable within the context of service/operational structures and Local Transformation and Workforce Planning. 

Supervision training: The PG Certificate in CYP IAPT Supervision will not be funded nor will it run in 2019, however up to 2 places per application will be made available for staff to complete the 4 day Enhanced Supervision Training to further support the recruit to train trainees.

Leadership/Managers training: The PG Certificate in CYP IAPT Management training will run in 2018/19. There is no backfill attached to this training and the funding solely covers the cost of delivering the training at UCL.

Application for training places

We have looked at indicators of success across the lifetime of the CYP IAPT programme and particularly at previous Recruit to Train posts. From this we have drawn some conclusions:

  • New roles need to be considered and jointly planned with local Commissioners to ensure they meet the needs of the CYP in the community
  • Commissioner support for these roles is crucial in terms of ensuring sustainability beyond the training period
  • Trainees who have experienced support from managers and supervisors within their service (who have previously completed CYP IAPT training) are more likely to complete the training and remain in post
  • Preference will be given to Providers/Partnerships that can demonstrate good workforce planning, sustainability of posts beyond training and a high standard of managerial and supervision support for the Recruit to Train trainees

As such, we are proposing the following application model:

  • Providers/Partnerships will be able to make bids for new Recruit to Train posts (minimum 2, maximum 4 depending on course availability). Bids made for 3-4 posts will be favoured as we believe this supports service transformation.
  • Providers/Partnerships will have access to Enhanced Supervision training for up to 2 staff.
  • Providers/Partnerships will be expected to take 1 training place on the PG Certificate in CYP IAPT Management for a current member of staff moving into a management role. Preference will be given to those who put forward a suitable staff member keen to develop and embed the CYP IAPT principles in service and support the new workforce. (We may make some exceptions for providers who already have PG Certificate in CYP IAPT Management trained managers provided that the CYP IAPT trained managers will be overseeing and supporting the new workforce).

Sites may want to think about enhancing local provision and/or creating new pathways to enable CYP better access to services i.e. you may not currently have a 0-5’s team but there may be a rationale agreed with your Commissioner/s to create one.

Timeline for application process  












JUNE 2018

Identify with your commissioner development of future workforce strategy and gaps in provision.
Agreement and support from commissioner in sustaining these posts beyond the two-year training period
Identify which therapy modalities would most likely enhance provision for children and young people in your community
Identify a manager in service or member of staff moving into a managerial role keen to apply for and complete the PG Cert in CYP IAPT Management in order to oversee and support the new workforce
Complete the application form and return it to us by 30th of June



JULY 2018

Successful Providers/Partnerships notified second week of July
Applications for PG Cert in CYP IAPT Management are invited from candidates you have identified in your application bid (we will make all application information available in the following weeks – deadline for applications for PG Cert in CYP IAPT Management expected to be 28th of July)
Offers of study will be made to successful Managers on the PG Cert in CYP IAPT Management





Recruit to Train adverts go live and applications are expected for both the training course and the new posts (we will be working closely with the Provider/Partnership recruitment department to support the process and advise on the candidate’s course eligibility)
Eligible applicants are interviewed by the Provider/Partnership and the Course Leaders



Offers of study will be made to successful applicants on the PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy
MOU signed with Provider/Partnership to ensure compliance with course requirements and new workforce support
NOVEMBER 2018 Expected start date of PG Cert in CYP IAPT Management
DECEMBER 2018 New workforce will take up post within the Provider/Partnership (service induction, preparation for PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy course start in January 2019)

If you are a potential training candidate interested in accessing a training post, you can express your interest here.

More Information

Draft Job Descriptions and Person Specifications.

Example band 5 JD and PS

Example band 6 JD and PS

For more information about the Recruit to Train programme, please take a look at our FAQ page below:

Recruit to Train FAQs

You can contact Irina Nedelcu, Project Manager with any questions: