Summer PIE 2018

On 31st Aug, young people descended on the Centre at Maresfield Gardens for the Young People’s Summer Participation Involvement Event (aka PIE!) The event is devised, designed and delivered by the CYP IAPT Young Advisors. This third edition of the annual event was preceded by a survey sent out to young people directly and via the CYP IAPT participation workers’ network, finding out what they’d want – interactive workshops, games, prizes, and goodie bags were all popular.


lingo artwork
Lingo Artwork

A group of young people directed by the Young Producers at the National Gallery created artwork for Lingo, a project that is being co-produced with a Young Champion. Lingo is trying to reduce stigma and improve mental health for young people by communicating mental health, feelings and emotions through the expression of art. They were asked to consider how they would explain mental health or how they were feeling to someone who spoke another language. This ran concurrent with a poetry workshop that took inspiring images as a starting point for ekphrastic poetry. (Yes, the poet expanded our vocabulary and broadened our horizons!)


fitlight picAfter the break, filled with intense competition on the smart-gym-esque game, groups got together to design their ideal systems equipped to support young people and families with mental health issues. The ideas included a system staffed only by professionals with experience of mental illness, and an all ages service, without a division between adults and children.


Luton and beds CYP awards
CYP Award for Luton & Bedfordshire

And then, the denouement: the award ceremony. Six weeks before the event, nominations had been invited for best participation in service, best participation worker and best participation project. After much debate, and visits to services across London and the South-East, well-deserved inscribed glass trophies were presented. (Details of winners will be on Prizes were also awarded to 8 young people nominated as great participators.

Nick's pic

All in all, a fantastic and elevating day, abounding with fun, camaraderie and creativity!

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The CYP IAPT Team presents at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2018

The annual Health and Care Innovation Expo is an NHS showcase of innovative practice in the health sector. This year’s event, celebrating 70 years of the NHS, took place in Manchester Central, an exhibition centre in the heart of the city.


The CYP IAPT team attended the Expo to present work created with partners in the London & South East Learning Collaborative that has driven improvement and innovation in children and young people’s mental health provision.

First up was a mini hackathon lead by Alex Goforth and Max Gerber of InFact, a (very!) condensed version of the collaborative hackathon events that bring together young people, staff and developers to create new digital tools to benefit children and young people’s mental health. The attendees were kept busy, using various design-thinking exercises such as creating a dialogue with an imaginary chatbot and funky eights (a process through which the design of the tool is sketched), to refine their ideas to design a helpful digital product.

The group came away from the session with a better idea about how to go about turning their ideas into digital reality and were further inspired by trying out the apps developed at previous hackathons in the digital space next door, e.g.,, and

The next presentation from CYP IAPT was a showcase of the CYP IAPT Beacon sites, services recognised for their progress in implementing the CYP IAPT principles.

Attendees heard about the achievements of these services, which included amongst others:

  • The Brandon Centre: fantastic self-referral rates making this service truly accessible to young people in need
  • Greenwich CAMHS: young people and families being integral to service design, staff recruitment and appraisal and development of the CAMHS service
  • Croydon Drop In: developed relationships with local services making joined up, multi-agency working more effective resulting in holistic care for young people
  • Tower Hamlets Partnership: increased partnership working including joint delivery of interventions, resource sharing, staff seconded to partnership agencies and supervision across the partnership
  • Bromley Y: routine outcome measurement fully embedded in clinical work

Sharing the achievements of the CYP IAPT Beacon sites gave attendees a flavour of some of the creative and innovative ways in which the CYP IAPT programme has led to improved services for children, young people and their families, and was a valuable opportunity for sharing learning across a broad geographical spread.

Colleagues from CYP MeFirst also presented several times at the event, and the Debating Mental Health Project, initiated from the CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative platform, led a group of young people and professionals through a series of exercises to inspire their critical and lateral thinking.  Both Simon Stevens, NHS CEO, and Matt Hancock, Minister for Health and Social Care, whose speech can be read here, were a (nother) couple of the big draws for a 2 day event.

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Young Advisors’ views on Routine Outcome Measures


Of all the topics that the CYP IAPT Young Advisors have offered training on over the years, one of the most frequently requested is young people’s perspective on using routine outcome measures. In a video written and produced by the Young Advisors, they address some of the common concerns expressed to them by clinicians, present a young person’s perspective on outcome measures, and give some tips on how best to introduce them in practice.

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Young Peoples’ Summer PIE 2017

Written by: Karima Abdou, Young Advisor

Following the success of last year’s Summer PIE (Participation Involvement Event), young people and participation workers from across the London and South East Learning Collaborative gathered once again to join the CYP IAPT young advisors on the 25th August 2017.

Passionate about participation in CAMHS, the event provided an opportunity for attendees to get talking and discuss the improvements they would like to see made to participation, as well as tips and tricks they find work well. The day was also a perfect opportunity for young people to network with others with similar experiences to their own, and gain insight into how to get more involved for those new to services.

The agenda for the day started off with an introduction and icebreaker, to get people acquainted and talking to others from outside their service. This was followed by a Participation Open Mic, allowing people the opportunity to share the work they have been doing throughout the year with their participation groups and celebrate the achievements of others. There was also a Q&A session with the young advisors answering any questions that arose after the initial introductions.

In the breaks, attendees had the opportunity to play on the SmartGym Cardio Wall and FitLights equipment. As always competition got heated with everyone battling it out for the ever-increasing high score!

The day also included a talk on teaching participation by David Trickey a Clinical Course Tutor and the young advisors, opening up interesting discussions at each table about what makes a good participation worker and advice the young people would give to those on the course, eager to improve.

After everyone had a chance to grab something to eat at lunch the conversation took a techy turn, with a mini Hackathon workshop where attendees came up with tech solutions to the troubles their partners faced when waking up in the morning. This gave everyone a taste of the Hackathons where young people can come along and pitch their app ideas, with the opportunity to get it developed by a team of coders.

The day came to a close with an Involvement Open Mic, giving organisations the opportunity to showcase the work they do and advertise the opportunities they provide to the young people attending. Those speaking were Nick Morgan from the AFNCCF Young Champions, a representative from the King’s College Research Advisory Group as well as a speaker from Time to Change. The day then ended with some group feedback and discussions on how the Summer PIE 2 could have been improved and pointers to keep in mind for next year.

The CYP IAPT young advisors would like to send out a massive thank you to all of those who attended the Summer PIE 2 and made the day a wonderful success. It was brilliant seeing both familiar and new faces, and having the opportunity to celebrate amazing participation work.

For those wishing to stay in touch with the young advisors, you can email them at or follow their adventures on Twitter @cypiaptyadvisor.



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Participation Diary Room

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On the 26th August, 2016, the CYP IAPT young advisors hosted the first ever Summer PIE (Participation Involvement Event).

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Future CAMHS Animation

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We asked young people to tell us what mental health services for children, young people and families will be like in the future. 

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Healthy London Partnership blog: technology, mental health and children and young people

Alex was asked to speak about the role of digital technology in collaborative and the recent hackathon for the Healthy London Partnership’s Mental health Awareness Week blog series.

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Healthy London Partnership blog: keeping children & young people’s mental health in mind

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