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The CYP IAPT Team presents at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2018

The annual Health and Care Innovation Expo is an NHS showcase of innovative practice in the health sector. This year’s event, celebrating 70 years of the NHS, took place in Manchester Central, an exhibition centre in the heart of the city.


The CYP IAPT team attended the Expo to present work created with partners in the London & South East Learning Collaborative that has driven improvement and innovation in children and young people’s mental health provision.

First up was a mini hackathon lead by Alex Goforth and Max Gerber of InFact, a (very!) condensed version of the collaborative hackathon events that bring together young people, staff and developers to create new digital tools to benefit children and young people’s mental health. The attendees were kept busy, using various design-thinking exercises such as creating a dialogue with an imaginary chatbot and funky eights (a process through which the design of the tool is sketched), to refine their ideas to design a helpful digital product.

The group came away from the session with a better idea about how to go about turning their ideas into digital reality and were further inspired by trying out the apps developed at previous hackathons in the digital space next door, e.g.,, and

The next presentation from CYP IAPT was a showcase of the CYP IAPT Beacon sites, services recognised for their progress in implementing the CYP IAPT principles.

Attendees heard about the achievements of these services, which included amongst others:

  • The Brandon Centre: fantastic self-referral rates making this service truly accessible to young people in need
  • Greenwich CAMHS: young people and families being integral to service design, staff recruitment and appraisal and development of the CAMHS service
  • Croydon Drop In: developed relationships with local services making joined up, multi-agency working more effective resulting in holistic care for young people
  • Tower Hamlets Partnership: increased partnership working including joint delivery of interventions, resource sharing, staff seconded to partnership agencies and supervision across the partnership
  • Bromley Y: routine outcome measurement fully embedded in clinical work

Sharing the achievements of the CYP IAPT Beacon sites gave attendees a flavour of some of the creative and innovative ways in which the CYP IAPT programme has led to improved services for children, young people and their families, and was a valuable opportunity for sharing learning across a broad geographical spread.

Colleagues from CYP MeFirst also presented several times at the event, and the Debating Mental Health Project, initiated from the CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative platform, led a group of young people and professionals through a series of exercises to inspire their critical and lateral thinking.  Both Simon Stevens, NHS CEO, and Matt Hancock, Minister for Health and Social Care, whose speech can be read here, were a (nother) couple of the big draws for a 2 day event.

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Updated CYP IAPT Presentation

Please see below for the latest CYP IAPT overview presentation, updated by Duncan Law, Clinical Lead for the London & South East CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative.

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