Recruit to Train 2020 – Applications for Services now open

We are offering children & young people mental health services or partnerships within the former CYP IAPT programme the opportunity to make applications for Recruit to Train posts as part of the Health Education England (HEE) initiative to fund new workforce capacity for delivering evidence-based interventions.

The staff recruited into these posts will

  • Increase capacity in services by increasing the workforce
  • Further embed evidence-based practice
  • Have a role as change agents to accelerate transformation in services through use of feedback and outcomes tools and collaborative practice and participation with children, young people and families.


The new staff will undertake training on the 2 Year Postgraduate Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy starting January 2020 for the following modalities: CBT, SFP (all delivered at KCL) IPT-A, ASD/LD, 0-5s (all delivered at UCL). You can find specific information for each module, as well as course and caseload requirements here.


 *Please note: HEE are in the process of confirming funding arrangements for 2020 as well as the number of places funded for each training modality.

Posts for 2 Year Postgraduate Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy will receive salary support likely to be paid at Agenda for Change mid-point band 6, by HEE for 0.5 WTE for 2 years in line with the banding of the posts created. Payment for salary support will be direct from HEE to the service provider and proportionate to the number of months in the financial year in which they will be training.

It will be up to the providers and local CCGs to determine at which grade (up to mid-point of band 6) increased capacity would be most effective and sustainable within the context of service/operational structures and Local Transformation Planning and we encourage services to submit bids in collaboration with CCGs and where this is achievable, confirm commissioner support to cover salary shortfall should your service be in a position to expand these roles beyond 0.5 WTE and work towards sustaining these posts beyond the 2 years of training.

Integrating trainees into the local context

Although all trainees will be provided with postgraduate level training in your chosen modality, it is important that each service carefully considers the placement of trainees within the local context.

Bid leads and service managers should give particular consideration to the integration of trainees within the local team and the impact this might have on current working cultures within the service. It will be the service responsibility to ensure these roles are increasing capacity and are sustainable beyond year 2. As such, we would encourage you to discuss these factors in detail prior to putting in an application and where possible confirm support from CCG’s to the sustainability of these posts beyond the 2 years covered by the funding.

Service requirements for a successful application


Before submitting an application for Recruit to Train places, please ensure that you have read, understand and are in a position to meet all the requirements below prior to the start of training in January 2020


  • Provision of a video camera and SD card for recording sessions
  • Provision of an encrypted memory stick
  • Access to Windows computer


  • Please note that the funding will only cover salary support (as specified under ‘funding’) and therefore additional costs for travel and equipment etc. will need to be discussed and managed locally
  • Agreement from service & supervisor for new staff to be released for the required number of days per week throughout the year to attend University training (2 days for first 2 weeks of term 1 and 1 day for the remainder of the training)
  • Depending on the chosen pathway additional costs might be incurred for training materials and course manuals as needed – should your application be successful please check with the Recruit to Train Project Manager what are the requirements for the specific therapy modality.


  • Agreement of relevant supervisor – identified and agreed prior to application PREFERNCE WILL BE GIVEN TO APPLICATIONS FEATURING NAMED SUPERVISORS
  • Named supervisor must have at least 2 years’ supervisory experience in the relevant training modality. The supervision for Recruit to Train staff entails 30 minutes of individual supervision weekly. This supervision will be part of the students learning support and should be in addition to caseload management.
  • Site supervisors will be eligible to apply for the CYP IAPT Certificate in Supervision if they have not already completed the training.

Management support

  • Successful services will be expected to take 1 training place on the PG Certificate in CYP IAPT Management for a current member of staff moving into a management role. Preference will be given to those who put forward a suitable staff member keen to develop and embed the CYP IAPT principles in service and support the new workforce.
  • If you already have managers trained on the PG Certificate in CYP IAPT Management in the service, we expect these to be overseeing and supporting the new workforce.


  • Access to relevant cases – for details on numbers of cases required for each training course, please refer to the brochures that you can access via the link above.


The early-bird deadline to submit your application is 5th July 2019. Completed applications received by then will be given preferential treatment, though we will continue to accept applications into July. We expect to receive a high volume of applications for trainings this year against a limited number of available places so please do submit your Recruit to Train application as early as possible.

If services are successful in their application, they will need to ensure that their recruited candidates have applied for the corresponding CYP IAPT training course at the same time as applying for the role within your service, and that candidates are asked to include their job application reference in their training applications. This will enable the HEIs to give feedback on candidates to employers. Further details will be provided about this process if your service is confirmed as successful as well as bespoke recruitment support from the Project Manager via site visits and regular communication via telephone and email.

CYP IAPT RECRUIT TO TRAIN 2020 APPLICATION BID – if would like to receive the application form in order to place a bid for Recruit to Train posts, please contact Irina Nedelcu




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  1. Adriana Andrei

    Hi, I am very interested in IAPT courses and I need some guidance about applying, closing dates for next year(2020). Currently I am working I NHS, at the Whittington Hospital as a radiographic assistant. I have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Science of Education.

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