Educational Mental Health Practitioner – (EMHP) UPDATE 2019

What is the EMHP programme? A full time employment training programme. On completion of this year long programme you will qualify as a EMHP (Educational Mental Health Practitioner) a new role, which will play a key part as members of the new Mental Health Support Teams.

What are Mental Health Support Teams? These teams, originally proposed in Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision, will have the responsibility for delivering schools’ overarching approach to providing mental health and well being support for children and young people from January 2020. 

When can I apply?  As you may or may not already know, the first cohort of the EMHP programme began their training year in January  2019 (after the recruitment process took place from Oct 2018 onward). Although we do not have the confirmed dates and site locations (where training posts will be based) yet, the EMHP programme is due to run again this year with the aim for a new cohort to start their training in September 2019.

Please keep checking this website for announcements regarding the next cohort of the EMHP programme.

How do I apply? We will be able to give more precises instructions on how to apply once we know the site locations for the September 2019 intake. But based on our experience so far, we know that the sites for the Sept 2019 intake will either be an NHS trust, or a (children and young people’s mental health) third sector organisation. 

In the mean time, even though the sites have not yet been announced, we are still expecting recruitment to begin from as early as April/May 2019, and therefore we advise that you set up an alert on NHSJobs where some of the posts are likely to be advertised. To set up alerts, use words such as ‘children and young people’, ‘mental health’ and ‘educational practitioner’.

Application process: Because this is a full time training post, initially you will apply for the training post, just as you would with any other job application, and then you will be expected to make a separate application to the university to secure your place.

What are the requirements? The essential requirements for an EMHP training post are: 1) A 2:1 degree or higher in psychology or related field and 2) substantial experience of working with Children and Young People in either a health or educational setting. Applicants must also demonstrate in their application the ability to work at degree level and have an equivalent level of relevant experience, with a proven record of previous learning or formal study in child development, well being or mental health. An understanding of the educational system in England is highly desirable.

What is the qualification? Successful candidates will be offered a full-time training post, gaining credits towards a diploma level qualification, plus guaranteed employment for one more year on completion of training (with a starting salary projected to be based on the NHS AfC Band 5 scale).

What is the salary whilst training? This post is funded at NHS Agenda for Change (AfC)e bottom of band 4 and therefore anyone taking up this course will only be starting at the bottom of band 4 – £24,476 pa inclusive of HCAS, regardless of previous experience.

What are the hours? The training programme for this post is FULL TIME (37.5 hours) for 12 months in duration, and will consist of academic and supervised practice learning across mental health services and educational settings, such as primary and secondary schools, and further education colleges. 

Where will I be based? Sites for the Sept 2019 intake are yet to be announced. Delivery of the programme will be provided through a combination of taught days within either UCL/AnnaFreudCentre or Kings College (depending on where you apply for the role), in addition to experience gained in educational, well being and mainstream mental health services, and independent self-guided study days.

What does the course involve? During training, the post-holder will work under supervision to gain experience across healthcare and educational settings to enable them to gain the level of competence required to deliver high-quality, evidence-based early interventions for children and young people experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems

How is this course different to the CWP training? Although the training is similar, the Educational Mental health practioner programme was designed to be set in schools and other educational settings, whereas a CWP’s are primarily trained to be based across health settings.

  • The EMHP qualification is a PG dip and the CWP qualification is a PG cert, therefor the workload for this course is higher.
  • The EMHP programme does offer guaranteed employment for a year after completing the training but as a trainee and practitioner you must be prepared to work with and within schools as apposed to healthcare settings. 
  • A large part of the EMHP training, involves context around working in educational settings.

Below is some more course specific information on the EMHP Programme, a full time training post:

In line with the government’s priority to increase access and availability of mental health and wellbeing support for children and young people, the new Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP) role is an exciting opportunity to deliver evidence-based early interventions for children and young people, working across both educational settings and healthcare sectors in England.

The training course is divided into 6 modules, developing skills and knowledge in areas such as:

– Working with children, young people and their parents/carers to support self-management including development of plans for specific interventions and agreeing outcomes;

– Learning to manage own caseload, gaining the necessary skills to practice a range of interventions such as guided self-help;

– Preparing and presenting caseload information to supervisors;

– Working with colleagues to provide better access to specialist mental health services and supporting referrals where required;

– Supporting colleagues in education to identify and manage issues related to mental health and well being.

– On successful completion of training, trainee EMHPs will be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and capabilities to work as a qualified EMHP as autonomous and responsible practitioners within their scope of practice, alongside education colleagues.



5 Responses

  1. Shelley Sillett

    I am looking at doing something along these lines. I was so wondering if there are courses whilst in employment in a school. I am currently doing a person centered counselling course.

  2. Hattie Brady

    Good Morning

    I would like to apply for the educational mental health practitioner training course. I have looked on the NHS jobs site and I am checking on this site everyday. Will the applications for September be posted soon?

  3. Verona Cespedes

    Good evening. I have been holding my breath since January for the Education Mental Health Practitioner training. Just crossing my fingers and praying.

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