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On My Mind – New Youth Website

Our new youth website On My Mind is available to access online. Please share with whoever you feel would be interested.

On My Mind has been launched to help young people have more engagement in mental health support and to give them a greater say in the treatment they receive and the outcomes they desire. We have published a news story on our website, which you can read for more information.

We have co-produced On My Mind with young people, including our Young Champions, and it has been clinically approved by the Centre. The website is primarily for young people aged 11-25, but it is also a resource for GPs, schools or parents who can signpost young people to the website.

The new website has nine digital resources, seven of which have gone live today with the other two following in November. The resources include:

  • Youth Wellbeing Directory: a directory of free mental health services and support across the UK for children and young people up to age 25.
  • Jargon Buster: a list of mental health words, terms or phrases and what they mean: written by young people in association with the Centre’s clinical team.
  • Receiving Support: videos and Q&As to help young people know what to expect from working with a service and make meaningful choices about their treatment options.
  • Understanding Referrals: videos and Q&As breaking down the referral process for young people.
  • Helping Someone Else: tips and advice from young people about how to help a friend or family member including how to look after your own wellbeing in that situation.
  • Know Your Rights: a section detailing young people’s rights when seeking support, written by other young people.
  • Understanding Treatment: a digital tool for those with a diagnosis to identify what treatments are available to them and what the evidence says about each treatment.
  • Self-care: a list of 85 self-care activities young people have said help them manage their own mental health and wellbeing.
  • Get Involved: details of any research young people can get involved in including profiles of our Young Champions and the projects they’re involved in.

As part of the self-care section we will be using a survey, Help us help others, to find out what young people aged 11-25 do to help themselves. Parents and carers can take part too by telling us which approaches their child has tried and what they recommend to others. Please share the survey with whoever you feel would be interested.

We would like to encourage staff to support the website and share social media posts using the hashtag #OnMyMind. We would especially like staff to support #SelfcareSunday. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for updates: @AFNCCF.



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