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Haringey CAMHS MURAL : The Brighten It Up Group

pic 1Following feedback from service-users on CAMHS whiteboards about wanting to see more decoration and colour in the CAMHS waiting rooms, a waiting room development project was set up. Three young people who use our CAMHS service met on a fortnightly basis with two clinicians to develop and create a mural in the CAMHS, St Ann’s waiting room. These young people, aged 14-16, have used CAMHS for a range of experiences and difficulties.

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The initial brainstorming phase saw the young people think about the mood and message they wanted to create in the waiting area, sketching ideas and doing independent research. They considered the meaning of images such as fish, butterflies, water, yin-yang symbols and flowers, and thought about how to inspire hope and peace using imagery and colour. A participation worker from the National Gallery in London also joined a session to help inspire and provoke further thoughts about art by looking at famous pieces of artwork on postcards and engaging in activities.

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The young people then went on to plan and design a final sketch of the Mural. Elements from each member of the group were incorporated and agreed on. pic-2.png

The Proposal then went through a consultation phase. Feedback was invited from service-users by putting up the proposal in the waiting room and inviting written feedback. An anonymous piece of feedback suggested the design include ‘black love hearts’. A brief video of the sketch and the thinking behind the design was created and shared with the CAMHS team too and again feedback was invited.

We were subsequently invited to the National Gallery where a workshop was help to help develop confidence in making different paint marks, brush skills and being free with paint, looking at different lighting compositions in paintings and how art work can be divided up into sections.

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Written by: Meena Seda, CYP IAPT Therapist (Haringey CAMHS)

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