Shared Learning Group for Assistants

As those working in assistant roles, such as assistant psychologists and administrators, are often uniquely placed to support many different aspects of CYP IAPT transformation, we thought it may be useful to provide a space to meet with others in a similar role.
On the 26th of October a new Assistants Implementation Group was held in which the purpose of the group was discussed, as well as the roles and responsibilities and challenges within those roles.

The five CYP IAPT principles were discussed briefly and the group agreed that we will be focussing on one principle per group; the next group will focus on the principle Evidence Based Practice.

Additionally the decision has been made to rename the Implementation Group to Shared Learning Group for Assistants, as the CYP IAPT team felt the name ‘Implementation Group’ did not represent the purpose of the group.

The next Shared Learning Group will be held on 22nd January, please book your tickets here and contact if you have any questions.

About lettevaessen

Assistant Psychologist for the London and South East Learning Collaborative

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