Participation Acceleration Fund

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The London and South East CYP IAPT Central Team invites the Learning Collaborative partnerships to apply to the Participation Acceleration Fund for the chance to receive £2000 per partnership.

Participation is one of the five core principles of CYP IAPT, and the programme is keen to support the development of participation within services. The Participation Acceleration Fund is for services within the Collaborative that would benefit from additional financial assistance to foster involvement within their organisation.  Funds will go directly to the participation worker/ lead in the service, and the young people’s group (if present) should have oversight of the proposal and funds.

To be considered for funding, applications must demonstrate the ability to fulfill the criteria outlined in the application form.

The award recipients will also be required to give a presentation outlining the use of the fund at a London and South East CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative event.

The deadline for proposals is 28th April 2017 after which the CYP IAPT young advisors and the Learning Collaborative Central Team will review them, and confirm those that are accepted.

To access the form,  click here.

To make a bid, please complete the form and return to Charlotte Barrett:

About charlottebarrett13

Charlotte Barrett is the Project Officer for the London & South East CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative

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