Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners (CWPs) – Sites Now Recruiting

As part of a new CYP IAPT initiative, Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners (CWPs)  will be trained over the course of a year to offer brief, focused evidence- based interventions for anxiety, low mood and self-harm, and behavioural problems (under close supervision) to young people who wouldn’t otherwise reach thresholds for CAMHS. This new subset of practitioners will receive training at UCL or KCL and will also spend time gathering hands on experience within the NHS, within one of the pilot sites below:

  1. Barnet (BEH/PHPH/CCG) – recruitment closed
  2. Bromley Y (Bromley Y/CCG) – recruitment closed
  3. Cambridge & Peterborough (CPFT) – recruitment closed
  4. CHUMs (CHUM CIC/ELFT) – recruitment closed
  5. Hammersmith & Fulham (WLMHT/CCG) – recruitment closed
  6. Herts (HCC/HPFT/HCT/CCG (ENH/HV)) – recruitment closed
  7. Hounslow (WLMHT/HYCS/CCG) – recruitment closed
  8. Islington (Whittington/CCG/FF) – recruitment closed      
  9. Lambeth (SLAM/CCG) – recruitment closed
  10. Lewisham (SLAM/CCG) – recruitment closed
  11. Barking & Dagenham (NELFT) – recruitment closed
  12. Norfolk (NSFT/OPO/CCG) – recruitment closed
  13. SWLSTG/CCG – recruitment closed
  14. Tower Hamlets (ELFT/DO/YJFIS/CCG) – recruitment closed
  15. Westminster (CNWL/CCG) – recruitment closed

CWP training will begin on Thursday 25th May 2017 and many sites are now starting to recruit for these roles. Although we are unable to provide specific dates for each site, if you are interested in this new and exciting role, please keep an eye on NHS jobs over the coming month for further details.

Please see below for some keyword hints…

‘Children’s Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner’

‘Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner’

‘CYP IAPT Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner’

‘CYP IAPT Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner’

If you have any specific questions about the role within a particular site, please contact the site directly using the contact details provided within the job advertisement.

For general inquiries about the CWP programme, please contact Louise: 


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