Hackathon Apps

We are pleased to announce the release of two new apps, created during the last CYP IAPT hackathon.

The development sprints are over, and the two prototypes selected for further development are now functioning products ready for use.

Breathe With Me

What is it?panda

Breathe with Me is an animated app designed to teach  children and young people diaphragmatic breathing. This breathing technique is known to reduce anxiety and  help users control anxious feelings.

How does it work?

This simple app works by asking users to select an animal: either a cat, dog or panda. Once selected, users are then shown instructions to prepare for the deep breathing technique. Users are told to sync their breath with the movement of the animation, which shows their chosen animal breathing in and out.

The animation includes pop-up instructions reminding users to breathe from the belly. It also keeps time and tells users when they’ve been breathing for two minutes and for five minutes.bwm-instructions

Users also have the option to play or mute music during the animation, and can view the full instructions at anytime if they need reminding of the technique.

How to access the app?

Breathe with Me is available via the Breathe with Me website: https://breathewithme.co.uk.

Although it is possible to use the app through a web browser, we recommend downloading to the home screen of your device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) and using as a normal app. Installation instructions are available here.

Please note: Breathe with Me is not currently accessible via the Windows smartphone.  

Face It


What is it?

Face it is a mobile app designed for young people with ASD and their families.

The app presents users with a  game designed for young people with ASD to practice recognising emotions. The game is inspired by emotion recognition games  currently used with children with ASD in schools. However, Face It offers  improved functionality:

  • The image set can potentially be far larger, meaning users aren’t simply memorising the correct answer for individual faces on repeated play.
  • Data tracking allows users to track their personal results, as well as the overall effectiveness of the game.
  • By comparing the user’s results to an API rather than that of an authority figure like a teacher, we hope to instill more respect for the user’s choices.

How does it work?face-it-levels

Users are shown a face and asked to identify the emotion it is displaying. Their choice is then compared to the emotion identified by the Microsoft Facial Emotion API. Users are shown five images of different faces per game, and are shown a summary of their results at the end and how their choice compares to the API’s choice. Completing a game means that users move through the levels as they play the game.

Users are able to compare their Lifetime results to track progress .


How to access the app?

The app is available to download to the Android phone – a link will be available soon.

It is also accessible through the latest Chrome browser, and works most reliably in Incognito mode.

To access Face It, go to: https://cypiapt-lndse.github.io/Face-It/

We hope you enjoy using these apps. If you have any feedback or want to report an issue, please email: hack@annafreud.org.



About charlottebarrett13

Charlotte Barrett is the Project Officer for the London & South East CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative

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