Update on licensing of outcome measures from NHS Digital

In July we distributed the below information about licensing and outcome measures. Please see below for the following updates

Update 01/02/17
SCORE-15 and Young SCORE-15 have been made available

Update 27/09/16

We have had an update that the SDQ is now included in national licensing under the conditions specified below.


Update from Margaret Oates & Anne O’Herlihy (NHS England – 7th July 2016):

“We have asked HSCIC to look into licensing requirement for all recommended CYP outcome measures tools.

They have set up a National Clinical Content Repository which provides detail on individual tools


The HSCIC has secured a national license for a number of the CYP tools, to take advantage of this services need to

  1. register with the HSCIC and
  2. apply for a sub-license

Many of the tools that do not have national license are freely downloadable, the repository provides details on how these can be accessed.

Most of the CYP tool fall in to one of the above categories with the exception of the SDQ and the CORS/ORS suite of tools.

We are in discussions regarding a national license for the SDQ and are hopeful that this will be secured in the very near future.

NHS commissioned services can use the CORS/ORS suite of tools free of charge at the moment and we have recently consulted on their utility. We are talking with the tool makers regarding terms for future use and will keep you informed.

Please do refer to the website above for further detail”


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