Young People’s Summer PIE

On the 26th August 2016, participation workers and young people from across the London & South East Learning Collaborative joined the CYP IAPT young advisors at the Summer PIE (Participation Involvement event).

Inspired by the work they had been doing in the Young Advisor role and their own experience of participation, the young advisors wanted to create an event that would celebrate involvement work taking place throughout the London & South East Learning Collaborative. The young advisors designed the event so that it would provide an overview of good participation and share tips for getting more involved for those new to services, and give attendees the opportunity to network with others with similar experiences to their own. They also wanted to demonstrate that young people are capable of running events and taking on different responsibilities within services.

Over 30 guests from across the Learning Collaborative attended the event, including 19 young people. Add to this 9 young advisors (new and old) from the CYP IAPT project team, plus members of staff, and we had a busy, energetic room buzzing with ideas.

“Therapy didn’t save my life, involvement did”   –  a young person’s Doodle Feedback at the Summer PIE



The agenda for the day included several icebreaker activities to encourage people to talk to each other and to get to know other attendees from outside their service. There was also a table ‘doodle feedback’ activity ( summarised below) and a ‘create your own involvement group’ task, where attendees  worked in groups to identify the key features and considerations when setting up an involvement group. These ideas have been incorporated into the Setting up and Involvement Group guide.Please click here to download the guide.

In the breaks, attendees had the opportunity to play on the SmartGym Cardio Wall and FitLights equipment. Competition was fierce and players started to incorporate pioneering techniques to swat the lights in record time! We saw many winners throughout the day as the scores crept ever higher.


Table doodle feedback exercise

Table Doodle Feedback

Attendees were asked to answer four questions by writing or drawing their answers on the paper tablecloths. Here’s a summary of the questions asked and the responses:

What helps young people get involved in participation?

  • Feedback and support. Knowing they will receive recognition for work
  • Making involvement accessible for those with special needs and disabilities
  • Well informed clinicians aware of participation opportunities spotting potential in young people and encouraging involvement
  • Flexible opportunities that provide valuable experience and the chance to meet others & make a difference.

What helps young people give honest feedback?

  • Feeling supported at all times, with no wrong or right answers
  • Knowing that you will be taken seriously, that your opinion will be listened to and that you can choose when and how your feedback is used
  • Feeling equal to clinicians
  • Having a dedicated PPI worker.

What helps young people feel appreciated and supported?

  • Certificates, awards and reward schemes for involvement work
  • Working in a joint partnership, with equal amounts of young people and professionals whenever possible
  • Letting young people know how/if their work is used.

What is your experience of involvement?

  • Building self-esteem
  • New opportunities, skills development & providing young people with a voice
  • Challenging staff about true involvement and flexibility.
Writing answers during the Involvement Workshop, run by Nick Morgan, Participation Officer at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families


Along with the feedback generated during the group activities, we wanted to find out how you felt about the day. We handed out a feedback bullseye to every attendee and asked them to mark their answers with dot stickers.

87 % of attendees told us that they found the event either quite a bit or totally useful.

Some of the participation workers in attendance told us that the young people they accompanied to the event found the day  fun and the environment supportive. We also received some useful tips for ways in which we could improve the event; some people wanted microphones on the tables so that everyone could be heard when speaking to the room. Others wanted a more formal introduction at the start of the event so that everyone knew who was in the room, and more visual/written instructions for the activities available on each table.

These are all good pieces of feedback which we will take on board when planning future events. If anyone has any additional feedback that they would like to share, please email Charlotte:

The CYP IAPT young advisors and the project team would like  to say a big thank you to all those that attended the Summer PIE. It was brilliant to see so many faces there and to have the chance to celebrate participation work. The enthusiasm in the room, the friendliness and willingness to engage and participate in all the activities really made the event a success and would not have been possible if all those in attendance hadn’t been so eager to get involved. Thanks again to all and keep up the good work!

Following the Summer PIE, the young advisors started a mailing list and will be sending out updates and upcoming opportunities to all those that signup. If you didn’t get the chance to signup at the event, please email: to join today.

You can also stay up to date with the CYP IAPT participation work by following the young advisors’ adventures on Twitter: @cypiaptyadvisor



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Charlotte Barrett is the Project Officer for the London & South East CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative

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