Hackathon Update

We are mid-way through the second CYP IAPT Hackathon. The prototypes have been developed and are currently undergoing user testing before being pitched to the panel on Friday, 23rd September in a bid to win funding to take the product forward for full development.

There are four prototypes in development:

  • Participation app: a mobile focused web application that allows a young person to evaluate their current participation levels .
  • Formulate: a clinical formulation tool which presents  a graphical representation of the formulation broken down into symptoms, causal factors and treatments to help the clinicians see these connections more clearly.
  • Face it: a game designed for young people with ASD to practice recognising emotions. The user is shown a face and asked to identify the emotion on display. Their choice is then compared to that made by the Microsoft Facial Emotion API.
  • Breathe with Me: an animated app for children age 10-14, designed to help reduce anxiety by teaching users deep breathing techniques. Users are instructed on how to breathe from the diaphragm and to sync their breath to the animated cat.

On the evening of the 23rd, the product owners and their team of developers from Founders & Coders will pitch their idea to the panel of judges in a bid to win funding for development of the prototype. Two products will be chosen to go forward for four weeks of dedicated development time with Founders & Coders in order to turn the prototype into a complete working product.

The competition is fierce due to the innovative ideas and high quality of each prototype. The panel will be making a decision based on the following criteria:

  • Implementation – how challenging will it be to begin to use for young people/in services?  Has the product owner begun to locate people/services to trial it with?
  • Technical viability – will it be possible to complete the technical elements of the product with the resources/time available?
  • Need – is there a need for the app, i.e. is it a real world problem for others?
  • Evidence base – have the owners considered the evidence base?
  • User feedback – what do the people who’ve used the working prototype think of it?  How will their feedback be utilised?
  • Product roadmap –What are the plans for developing  the product if it is selected?

If you would like to see the products pitched  and vote for the one you think should win, then please come along to the event on Friday, 23rd September. For more details and to register, please click  here.

We will post a full update on the website detailing the chosen products and links to test out the working prototypes after the Friday event. Watch this space……..

About charlottebarrett13

Charlotte Barrett is the Project Officer for the London & South East CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative

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