Service Transformation Acceleration Fund

In October 2014, CYP IAPT Collaboratives were allocated funds by NHS England.

Each partnership in Waves 1, 2 and 3 had the opportunity to draw down up to £10, 000 from their Collaborative to deliver a project which would help accelerate service transformation.

Partnerships were invited to submit funding proposals to the Collaborative Executive Group. Funds were then allocated to partner members if their proposals met the essential criteria:

  • To accelerate service transformation meaningfully and sustainably
  • To accelerate service transformation in a way that benefits the whole Collaborative

Eight partnerships across the London and South East Collaborative received funding to deliver the project outlined in their proposal.

East Sussex  has been running 2 projects with the acceleration transformation fund money: the Getting to Know you Booklet (for ages 12+) and the CAMHS Medication Cards.

Getting to Know You Booklet

A designer has re-worked the original under 11’s Getting to Know You booklet to make it suitable for use by young people aged 12-18. Using the funding,  East Sussex CAMHS has produced a new  booklet which is currently being piloted with young people accessing its services.

GTKY cover
The front cover for the redesigned 12+ GTKY Booklet

The final version will be based on the feedback gathered from the current pilot, and is due for completion in September 2016. Once completed, the booklet will be circulated to the Collaborative. In terms of benefits to the service, it is expected that young people will report that using the booklet made the service feel more accessible, that it helped them prepare for the meeting and made engagement in the first (Assessment) appointment easier. This was the feedback from the original booklet, but the results with the older age group may, of-course, be different.

CAMHS Medication Cards

So far, the following work has been completed:

  • A project team (consisting of Psychiatrists, Pharmacists, a Psychologist and a Participation worker) has developed the information for, and structure of, a set of Medication Cards to be used in sessions with YP. These provide information and psycho-education in a unique way on commonly used medication in CAMHS.
  • A  focus group has been held with YP –  for consultation on the development of the cards and procedures around their use.
  • A  designer has been employed and has developed a prototype of the cards based on the feedback from YP and work from the project team.

The prototype cards are currently in print and CAMHS psychiatrists will be piloting the cards with YP in their clinics throughout August and September 2016.

Following the trial, Eat Sussex will amend the cards as necessary (based on the feedback from YP and staff).  The final PDF version of the set of cards will be made available to the Collaborative by October 2016.

It is hoped that the cards will:

  • Engage young people in discussions about medication in a unique way
  • Provide young people with psycho-education regarding medication and side effects in a manner which is age appropriate and meaningful.
  • Facilitate positive collaborative practice and the young person’s thinking and reflection on medication issues
  • Increase adherence to medication

Croydon CAMHS – Assistant Psychologist Post

Croydon CAMHS used the Service Transformation funding to contribute towards an assistant psychologist post. The role has been very helpful to the service and to the wider Croydon voluntary services. The post-holder has been able to support the collation of data and attend South East sector IAPT collaborative meetings and internal clinical academic IAPT meetings across the trust. They have then been able to feedback on initiatives to the wider service & the Collaborative.

Within Croydon CAMHS, the role has also enabled the service to provide monthly feedback to clinicians on their CYP IAPT measures and support staff via internal 1:1 sessions and group training sessions to practice within the IAPT model.


Many thanks to Dr Ele Jones, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at East Sussex, Brighton and Hove CAMHS, and Nigel Jeffery, Registered Mental Health Nurse at Croydon CAMHS and N&S CAMHS DBT, for providing the information for this blog post.

About charlottebarrett13

Charlotte Barrett is the Project Officer for the London & South East CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative

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