Looked After Children (LAC) event June 2016

Chairs: Gemma Cheney & Duncan Law

The July 2016 LAC event brought together 25+ professionals working in LAC services throughout the collaborative. The event began with some national context setting from Duncan Law and Miriam Silver and some feedback from a service user involvement day from Gemma Cheney, Emmi Honeybourne and Kath Castaneda.

After lunch, the group split into working groups to build on previously developed products and created new guidance documents for professionals working with LAC.

Products from this meeting:

The use of ROMS in consultation for Looked After Children

Statement on expectations for LAC services **coming soon**

Context of using outcome measures with LAC and updated guidance **coming soon**

The group decided to meet quarterly for half a day going forward, and a new area of the website has been added to house LAC relevant documents, news and policy.

You can read notes from the day below.


LAC event 30th June notes
Chairs: Gemma Cheney & Duncan Law


National picture and wider context – Duncan Law & Miriam Silver

Relevant policy and guidance

Local Transformation Plans (LTP)

  • New money for LTPs to improve services – coproduced with users, running on a 4 year cycle. Fits with Future In Mind
  • A good LTP will show how Future In Mind is being implemented. Commissioners have to demonstrate impact to local assurance groups to access funding
  • Within context of around 2.5% efficiencies each year. ‘New’ money may not translate to money on the ground


  • Have produced a Local Transformation Plan analysis for children who have experienced abuse
  • Joint event being organised with childrens faculty British Psychological Society (BPS) to think about what good psych interventions look like for children who have been abused. Details will be circulated when more info available

Child and Family Clinical Psychology Review (BPS)

  • 3 issues that are relevant to LAC:
    • 1 – Demonstrating clinical outcomes and psychological well-being in children, young people and families
    • 2 – Attachment in Clinical Practice
    • 3 – What good looks like in psychological services for children, young people and their families. (Paper 9 ‘Delivering psychological services for children, young people and families with complex social care needs’ particularly relevant)

NICE guidance

Clinical Psychologists working with Looked After and Adopted Children (CPLAAC)

  • Network of professionals working with LAAC
  • Local London/South East group recently active but otherwise local groups not currently co-ordinated
  • Miriam Silver and Emma Crawford meeting soon to discuss the organisation
  • Events are open to non-psychologists although this may not have historically been clear
  • Some questions to consider about renaming? Link up with ACAMH?

New social care white paper draft

  • Concerns about wording that government can lift statutory requirements from any provider to encourage innovation.



Ideas from a service user involvement day: positives and lessons learned – Gemma Cheney, Emmi Honeybourne and Kath Castaneda

Please read a report from the day here: Ealing LAC SU Involvement Day

Related issues:

  • Healthwatch ‘Talking to Looked After Children and Care Leavers’ document from Waltham Forest – other useful feedback from YP on pg. 12-13 about CAMHS
  • CYPF faculty conference in October- theme ’Voices worth hearing’. Submissions are closed now but line up not been released as yet
  • Also need to be mindful of views of carers and wider social care network voices- often have frustrations re: service restrictions and expectations of treatment
  • RE: YP feedback about turning up
    • Some service use a 3 question form for social workers to give to YP to enable conversation about upcoming psychology input -upskilling social workers to have that conversation
    • Psychologists are often pulled into statutory work
      • Roles can be differentiated from those psychologists who provide the therapy
      • Some service use ‘Lead worker’ title instead of ‘Clinical psychologist’ to avoid confusion between roles



Updates from the previous LAC event

Top tips

  • Sharing ideas around using outcome measures
  • Please feel free to add suggestions for next revision


  • Draft recommended measures developed – open for comment
  • The group wanted to canvass opinion about measures in use. Survey circulated but no responses as yet
  • Outcomes snapshot survey – Gemma/Tash. 10 services responded so far.
    • SDQ used in all services – may artefact of MHSDS/mandatory use in services?
      • The group felt it was good for demonstrating population need but less useful on individual basis. Strict use of over 17 threshold for referral would likely overwhelm services. Felt that it is insensitive to change
      • CPLAAC survey also showed that generally not well liked
    • Others preferred: outcomes star , perceived belonging (Mark Kerr), BAC – supplement to CBC or can standalone?


  • No write up from the group but former members present summarised use of ‘How was this meeting’ measure
  • Generally felt that simple measures are more useful but can use more detailed measures for different types of meeting
  • Consultation Evaluation Form informed by CPLAAC could be useful


  • No one from previous group present
  • National curriculum under development for LAC – may become part of IAPT



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