Whats Next Event – March 2016

The Whats Next event on 18th March 2016 for wave 5 CYP IAPT trainees was a celebration of the end of the year of training and a chance to think more about the achievements and innovative work going on in the collaborative that is transforming services across London and the South East.

Presentations from the day are here:

  • A presentation from Jaymie Huckridge about the transition to paperless outcome monitoring in Haringey. Jaymie (in collaboration with colleague Lee Wignall) outlined his creative ideas and tips that helped increase outcome data submission from clinicians. This included: detailed tracking and prompting along with individual clinician feedback, consultation with clinicians to discover the current roadblocks, incentivising collection of outcome measures through access to a mystery box(!), development of new spreadsheet tools to help with prompting, accessing measures and individual reporting for clinicians, tech help drop ins and demos and adoption of digital data collection with the IncludeMe
  • Emma Selby spoke about the improvements to the parenting pathway at Waltham Forest CAMHS. Training was a major element in the changes, with a colleague successfully bidding to their Trust Innovation Cave to access training for 20 members of staff in evidence based pre-school, school age, Teacher and Dina programmes (this included an intensive programme from Jamila Reed). Alongside this, Emma completed the CYP IAPT parenting training in order to provide individual interventions. With the provision of Parent Child Game, extreme violence pathways and Dina Dinosaur school, Waltham Forest has hugely expanded access and is leading the way in parenting pathways.
  • Clare Ely (CYP IAPT leadership course graduate) and Anthony described the work done by Bromley Y to improve use of outcome measures in the service to 100%. Key things that helped the process included: having champions for outcome measures, making the data meaningful and easy to access and having a better understanding of the clinicians positions.
  • Sam Illaiee (CYP IAPT leadership course graduate) took us through the journey of Waltham Forest to reduce DNA’s in their partnership. Through consultation surveys, process mapping of the service to identify key issues to focus on and working hard to increase accessibility and communication, Waltham Forest Partnership reduced their DNA rate by a considerable amount. Now they build on their progress through implementation of the Thrive model and collaborative development of the ‘My Mind, My Mood’ app.
  • Alex Goforth then finished the presentations with an overview of CYP IAPT and the learning collaborative so far, and what the direction of travel is for the future.


To end the celebration there was a food, wine and excellent live band –The Foo Birds – who played into the later hours


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