Data meeting – March 2016

The Data Meeting on 10th March 2016 saw over 45 clinicians, data managers, assistant psychologists and service leads gather together to bring expertise and learning around data in CYP IAPT.

You can watch all of the presentations from the day here:

Chaired by: Dr Rebecca Wheatcroft (Clinical Psychologist & CYP-IAPT Lead, Greenwich CAMHS) and Alex Goforth (CYP-IAPT London & SE Collaborative Project Lead)

The day started with a presentation from the CORC team that ran through the last CYP IAPT data dashboard, with explanations and Q&A of the various analyses produced. This allowed for discussion in groups about what reports are used and how data is disseminated in services. The feedback from this was varied – including reports only being shared at management level, feedback posters in waiting rooms, individual clinician data feedback, regular service newsletters and bespoke in-house graphical analysis.

Following lunch was a presentation from Jaymie Huckridge about the transition to paperless outcome monitoring in Haringey. Jaymie (in collaboration with colleague Lee Wignall) outlined his creative ideas and tips that helped increase outcome data submission from clinicians. This included: detailed tracking and prompting along with individual clinician feedback, consultation with clinicians to discover the current roadblocks, incentivising collection of outcome measures through access to a mystery box(!), development of new spreadsheet tools to help with prompting, accessing measures and individual reporting for clinicians, tech help drop ins and demos and adoption of digital data collection with the IncludeMe software.

Clare Ely (CYP IAPT leadership course graduate) and Anthony described the work done by Bromley Y to improve use of outcome measures in the service to 100%. Key things that helped the process included: having champions for outcome measures, making the data meaningful and easy to access and having a better understanding of the clinicians positions.

Aaron Leathley from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) presented an update on the Mental Health Service Data Set (MHSDS) which has been live for CYP IAPT since 1st Jan 2016 and will produce statistics on a monthly basis. Aaron spoke about the progress so far, with many CYP IAPT services beginning to submit their data, and the support and information available (including monthly newsletter). Aaron covered how to access data and reports: all ages monthly publications, data access requests and local extracts and an upcoming interactive tool called iView, and spoke about the future plans for data analysis.

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